Get married in a foreign country

Destination Weddings

Wanderlust? Do you want to marry far away from your daily routine, a special place across borders and seas? Do you want to enjoy the sun, feel the fine sandy beach under your feet, breathe the ocean air, smell the woods of pine trees or see and become part of the flair of stunning citylife – and at those places marry the love of your life?

We will help you make this dream come true.

We plan destination weddings, weddings in foreign countries.

We feel that it is especially important, that we personally know the venues and wedding service providers locally. It gives us the opportunity to ensure high quality and achieve a high degree of reliability. Therefore we will be there alongside you every step of the way, ensuring your wedding exceeds all expectations. Everything is possible – it can just be you two that celebrate your wedding, or you can invite your friends and family. With pleasure, we would love to take over the entire wedding planning and coordination of the wedding day.

Wedding Planner in Germany

Germany offers a lot of stunning wedding venues.

We can offer you wedding venues ranging from a beautiful castle with an elegant ballroom, a historic medieval castle overlooking the Rhine, an industrial factory or a rustic barn – together we will pick a venue that fits your story.

Our broad range of wedding venues will have every desire and more covered, whether you want to get married in Düsseldorf, North Rhine Westphalia or anywhere else in Germany.

Wedding Planner in Spain

You love Spain – the culture, the food, the Mediterranean flair, the sea? With over 300 sunny days a year, Spain is a wonderful place to celebrate an unforgettable wedding, whether it’s a wedding in a finca, in a beach club in a luxury hotel.

Wedding Planner in Mallorca

Are you dreaming of a wedding on the beautiful island of Mallorca? Mallorca offers fantastic wedding venues by the sea and in the countryside. Due to its quick accessibility, Mallorca is becoming an increasingly popular wedding destination. There are many German-speaking wedding vendors and a wide range of different wedding venues.


Wedding Planner in Ibiza

A wedding in Ibiza – in a beach club, a restaurant, a luxury hotel or a charming rustic Mediterranean country house with a beautiful garden: no wish will be unfulfilled. This richly faceted island offers much more than most expect. Ibiza not only offers the most famous clubs and hotels, but also little hidden paradise-like spots. You could have your wedding at the beach as well as a marriage ceremony along the cliffs with a breathtaking view of the ocean.


Wedding Planner in Barcelona

Life pulsates in Barcelona. Get married in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. Pick a beautiful hotel with a rooftop terrace and a view of Barcelona’s skyline or the most popular club of the city, located on the beach. How about a castle or a country house further away from the hustle of the city life? With this multifaceted city and those beautiful beaches, there are countless possibilities to celebrate your wedding in style.


Wedding Planner in Menorca

If you want to get married far away from tourism, on a small island with beautiful nature, a wedding on the island Menorca is the perfect fit for you. Menorca offers hidden bays with white sand and crystal-clear water, picturesque villages and beautiful smelling pine woods. You can feel the Spanish flair in its originality. Get married in a private Finca surrounded by nature, or on a property with a stunning view of both the sea and the whole island. Together, let’s make your dreams come true.

Wedding Planner in France

You are a France enthusiast, you love exquisite wines, sparkling champagne, an impressive cuisine and the smell of lavender? If so, a wedding in France sounds just right for you! France impresses with its beautiful landscapes, impressive culture and world-renowned cuisine. No wonder, getting married in France is becoming increasingly popular!

Wedding Planner in Provence

Provence is a very unique destination for a wedding.

There are beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see. Beautiful estates and villas are nestled among lavender fields and vineyards, making your heart beat faster.

French Riviera

Wedding Planner in French Riviera

Are you dreaming of a wedding on the French Riviera? They don’t call the French Riviera the gateway to paradise for no reason. Crystal-clear water, magnificent beaches, incredible nature and romantic cities – a perfect place for a dream wedding. You can choose between an elegant hotel at the beach or a luxury villa with an impressive garden. Nizza, Monaco, Cannes or St. Tropez – we will bring your dream of a magical and unforgettable wedding on the bright blue coast come to life.

Wedding Planner in Netherlands

The Netherlands are not far from Germany by car, especially from NRW. In only 2-3 hours, you are at the sea and the beautiful dunes. Here you can fulfill your dream of a magical beach wedding. There are a variety of beautiful beach locations, modern beach pavilions and beach clubs that leave no wish unfulfilled.

Wedding Planner in Switzerland

Switzerland offers countless magical places for a wedding. Be it a winter wedding in the snowy mountains or a summer wedding at a small lake or a romantic castle – there are no limits to your wishes.
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